Are your prices right? 7 steps to optimise your pricing.

Worried about pricing? We can all fret over pricing. It’s hard to be certain we’ve got it right. And can be costly if we’re getting it wrong. Too low and we leave money on the table. Too high and no sale at all. But with research and a process, you can be sure to hit […]

Mass Customisation Remains Top Issue For Manufacturers

Over 300 manufacturers gathered for the latest KTN webinar in The Manufacturing Made Smarter Series covering the subject of Mass Customisation. Emerging digital technologies were show-cased with examples of how they are helping deliver growth in productivity, efficiency and competitiveness. AMO Co-Founder and CEO, Rich Ingram, shared insights into the use of digital tech to […]

How to quote the ‘right’ option

It can be hard being asked the wrong question! Have you ever felt that? Sometimes I want to ask: “What do you mean?” or say: “Are you sure?”. Maybe experience says the simple response leads nowhere. It can worse when it’s about money. Trust becomes a factor. Comments can be misinterpreted. Trying to help can […]

4 steps to selling custom cases online

Selling online seems to become more important every day. We work with manufacturers and distributors of ‘made to order’ B2B products that would like to do more digitally. However, with no catalogue of standard items many have been hitting roadblocks. When we discuss challenges we come across the same three issues repeatedly. Each has a […]

Driving sales with data and AI

The consumer internet creates a lot of data. Posts, tweets, photos, likes and searches. With over 100m photos and videos exchanged daily on Instagram, you get the picture! Big data connects data originating from one individual for monetary gain. 75% accuracy is normal but working at such scale ‘mostly right’ even ‘usable’ is good enough. […]

What is Artificial Intelligence and how does it work?

The subject of Artificial Intelligence has collected more than its fair share of misinformation and hype. Terminology can become blurred and expressions incorrectly used. Read on for a clear guide to the critical points. In AI most commonly we are working within a single topic. Whilst the subject might be thought complicated there is only […]

Converters Join In Collaborative R+D

We are pleased to announce the addition of four manufacturers to the AMO SDE fold. Corrugated case manufacturers Sandland Packaging, Package-In, Diamond Box, and Lea Boxes have joined the collaboration. This grows the team contributing to AMO SDE, an R+D project funded by Innovate UK.  Designed to cut purchase times, qualify sales leads and improve […]

Is government language aggravating frustrations over Covid-19 testing?

The recent furore over a lack of Covid-19 testing has been a timely reminder of the importance of language. The language used in communications messages can make or break their effectiveness with the general public: the messages can either rally enthusiasm or foment revolt – the latter of which we are currently seeing in the […]

AMO secures funding for pioneering AI solution

We are pleased to announce securing major funding from Innovate UK to develop our digital salesperson software to create the AMO SDE product: Sales Design Estimate. It will enable firms to increase sales and productivity around bespoke item purchases. Designed to cut purchase times, qualify sales leads and improve quality, AMO SDE assumes the role […]