Converters Join In Collaborative R+D

We are pleased to announce the addition of four manufacturers to the AMO SDE fold. Corrugated case manufacturers Sandland Packaging, Package-In, Diamond Box, and Lea Boxes have joined the collaboration. This grows the team contributing to AMO SDE, an R+D project funded by Innovate UK. 

Designed to cut purchase times, qualify sales leads and improve quality, AMO SDE assumes the role of a salesperson on a company’s website to collect requirements, provide quotes and recommend products in real-time. 

AMO SDE was one of only 13 projects funded by UKRI as part of the Manufacturing Made Smarter first round of collaborative R+D funding.

The corrugated carton market has been busy through Covid, supporting the increased demand for e-commerce deliveries. Automating elements of the sales process will mean quotes can be delivered in real-time. The software works with customers directly to collect needs. It references over 200 base styles as a starting point. The requirements are put through their paces with a series of design validations. Estimated costs are calculated across hundreds of materials, including quantity breaks, plus adding bought-in tooling.

AMO SDE enables the purchase of a bespoke item at one website visit. It also ensures customers place the best order for them and the manufacturer.

Rob Shrubsall, CTO commented:

With AMO SDE we are setting ourselves a goal of developing the most adaptable digital sales tools. We are delighted to be collaborating with specialist manufacturers like Sandland Packaging, where we can gain critical insight into the technical challenges of specifying and winning business; enabling us to develop online tools that enable Andy and his team to deliver on their sales goals.

We are currently recruiting manufacturers of storage tanks for a similar collaboration. So if that is you, please do contact us.

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