Mass Customisation Remains Top Issue For Manufacturers

Over 300 manufacturers gathered for the latest KTN webinar in The Manufacturing Made Smarter Series covering the subject of Mass Customisation. Emerging digital technologies were show-cased with examples of how they are helping deliver growth in productivity, efficiency and competitiveness.

AMO Co-Founder and CEO, Rich Ingram, shared insights into the use of digital tech to gather customer needs, design custom solutions and win new business – all done automatically across a manufacturers own website.

Rich commented:

“Its great to be able to share ideas and new tech with so many leading manufacturers. Today’s buyers won’t settle for “Contact us” forms – they want immediate responses to their enquiries. Adopting automation in sales work means generating immediate quotes is a reality. That is a big competitive advantage in winning new work, whilst also saving costs.”

The full webinar will be available to watch here.

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