AMO secures funding for pioneering AI solution

We are pleased to announce securing major funding from Innovate UK to develop our digital salesperson software to create the AMO SDE product: Sales Design Estimate. It will enable firms to increase sales and productivity around bespoke item purchases.

Designed to cut purchase times, qualify sales leads and improve quality, AMO SDE assumes the role of a salesperson on a company’s website to collect requirements, provide quotes and recommend products in real time. Unlike other AI solutions like chatbots that can be limiting for both companies and customers, AMO SDE can lead complex conversations and work with a supply chain that involves multiple manufacturers.

The funding from Innovate UK enables us to extend earlier software which worked with catalogue items. For one of our customers, we have handled over 10,000 enquiries and reported nearly 2,000 new business leads in the past 3 years. Most queries are immediately resolved with the remainder sent through to the right agent for customer service or sales assistance. This solution has been particularly valuable during COVID, offering extra resilience and a consistent experience for customers. Extending to bespoke products offers market leading functionality.

The inspiration behind AMO SDE came from the founders’ experiences selling office supply items online. We identified that bespoke items and harder to select products had less competition and so could carry a higher price tag. To sell these requires more time and effort from sales teams to ensure a product is fit for purpose. We developed AMO SDE to respond to customer need and fulfil requirements, offering huge time saving and sales potential for online sellers. AMO SDE also helps qualify prospects that are likely to buy to improve productivity of traditional sales teams.

We are one of just 13 companies to secure funding within Innovate UK’s first round Manufacturing Made Smarter Programme. is already in discussions with a large European manufacturer interested in its latest software and is beginning testing prior to a hopeful roll out later this year.

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