About Packaging.ai

Developing sales tools for custom-made corrugated packaging. Helping your sales activities in the real world by automating some of your key customer facing tasks like needs identification, design validation and cost estimation.

What is Packaging.ai?

We all know how hard it can be to accurately price products, particularly when they are unique. Using cost of production is  an ideal starting point, but requires knowledge, expertise and a raft of machine rates and material price lists. Experienced sales people can spend the time to get it right, but you would prefer them to be actually selling. Using your estimating or commercial team for every initial inquiry adds extra communication steps and delays.

Packaging.ai enables your sales team. They can simply and accurately work out pricing on custom items, instantly.

Packaging.ai is a specialist team within AMO software. The team has been working in collaborative research and development with a range of packaging manufacturers.

The development has been partly funded by the UK government Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) through their Made Smarter programme run by UK Research and Innovation.

AMO was founded in 2014 to accelerate steps in the sales process to improve efficiency. Acceleration through automation also means they can be delivered online – helping you with the repetitive tasks of requirements gathering, design validation and pricing.

AMO has also worked in collaboration with experts of linguistics and psychology from the University of Surrey. This work supports automated dialogue that is both clear and builds customer trust. It facilitates effective requirements gathering and design feedback. It supports your sales strategy  and ‘talks’ to the customer reflecting your capability and approach to service

Used together the software elements enable custom manufactured products to be sold online. It finds out what the customer wants, checks the suitability for use and manufacture, estimates the cost to make and calculates an estimated price.

Rich Ingram, Founder & CEO

Rich has been working in leading roles in several software companies to help create innovative ecommerce software since 2001. He is a strong advocate of process and automation and believes that every business should be able to capture and capitalise on the intangible assets they pay their staff to produce — knowledge and experience.

Rob Shrubsall, Founder & CTO

Rob is the architect and the lead software engineer responsible for the technical implementation of AMO. Before founding AMO, he used to lead technical sales teams in the UK, France and Germany. He believes that the best software is lean, simple and independent of ever-changing frameworks.

Dr Jenny Lynden (PhD, CPsychol, SFHEA)

Dr Lynden is a chartered psychologist specialising in social and discursive psychology, as well as online learning. Part of her research is focused on studying the spoken and unspoken features of conversation to understand what makes a productive and stress-free conversation, both in face-to-face and online contexts.

Dr Lynden supports AMO in the development of machine-to-person dialogue that helps AMO increase user engagement and trust. This helps AMO develop its identity as a social actor in conversation with clients.

Dr Doris Dippold (PhD, SFHEA)

Dr Dippold is a specialist in intercultural and professional communication, e-learning & MOOCs. Her work focuses on helping individuals and organisations reach their potential through better usage of language.

Dr Dippold helps make sure that AMO is able to maintain a natural dialogue that puts your prospects at ease as well as spot and correct misunderstandings without irritating your prospects.

We see a consistent pattern of change where buyers expect more and faster. We see sales teams becoming less field oriented and more inside. Digital activities continue to grow in marketing and for product sales. The direction of travel towards more automation of sales process elements is pretty clear.

By supporting the sales team with instant pricing you can cut several steps out of your sales process and make things happen faster. Its one call or meeting and not several. There is no “I will get back to you”.

Instant pricing makes collaborative discussion with prospects easy for your sellers. Engagement can go deeper faster. Productivity rises because non-prospects are qualified out early. Sales cycles accelerate because buyers get a clearer idea of what they want earlier and fewer design iterations are needed.

Plus your organisation begins the journey to replace your ‘Contact us’ form with a meaningful digital sales conversation about bespoke products.

Rich Ingram, Founder & CEO

Outsmart your competitors with us

Good news. Your competitors probably haven’t heard about Packaging.ai yet. They are still trying to respond faster using an old fashioned process such as Excel spreadsheets or cumbersome resource planning systems.

You can be smarter today and take advantage of this new technology before it becomes mainstream.