How to quote the ‘right’ option

It can be hard being asked the wrong question! Have you ever felt that?

Sometimes I want to ask: “What do you mean?” or say: “Are you sure?”. Maybe experience says the simple response leads nowhere.

It can worse when it’s about money. Trust becomes a factor. Comments can be misinterpreted. Trying to help can be viewed as an attempt to manipulate.

The situation can become acute when knowledge is imbalanced. A teacher: pupil relationship in conversation can be inappropriate for a buyer; seller dialogue. Exacerbated if it is a new relationship with no history to fall back on.

Many of these factors are at play when a new prospect asks you to quote for the first time. A buyer experienced with the product will still not know you. So what do you do? The temptation is to respond. What else can you do?

That’s where Quantum Quoting fits in. Check automatically what the options are: review the style for alternatives; make sure the manufacturing process is optimal for the lowest cost; and work out the best quantity to allow for price breaks, etc.

We call this Quantum Quoting because your quote can be in more than one place at once. Respond to the customer’s request and provide choices that might be more attractive. Better for the customer and you.

Used with the rest of the AMO software this can all happen live on your website. Dialogue to understand needs. Design validation built-in. Quantum Quoting to offer the best options. Working together to ensure customers place the best order.

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