Three wins in one for your bespoke corrugated offer

Bespoke corrugated products are unique. Unlike stock items, every quote needs costing. And with inflation, so do repeat orders too.
Some businesses allow their sales team access to the MRP to do the costing. But should it be faster or easier to use?
For others, this is not an option. Sales may be distinct from production. MRP software licensing costs may be high. Even spreadsheets and calculators are in use instead of an MRP.
For busy sales teams, instant access to accurate costs makes sense. They can be efficient and get more done. And handling quotes without delays improves conversion. It helps them do more and win more.
Ease of use is vital for sales support systems. Keep inputs clear and straightforward, and use the customer’s language. Even less experienced staff can be productive fast. Let the machine do the heavy lifting. Checking MOQ and production viability, optimising routing, and finding price break opportunities. Build in intelligence and keep complexity ‘under the hood’.
Enabling salespeople stops work from spreading through other departments. Designers and estimators are only productive working on leads that will become orders. Also, they are more efficient with precise requirements avoiding iterations.
A simple-to-use interface makes customer self-service possible for a digital supply chain. This creates new opportunities.
If improving bespoke quoting is a priority for you in 2023, we can help.
Our Quantum Quoting software creates a digital twin of your manufacturing. One location or many. In-house or outsourced. Simple input screens collect requirements. Our AI checks the design. It finds the best production route. It allows you to find cheaper unit costs by changing quantity, material and style.
Read more or contact us to discuss how we can help.

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