Are you leaving money on the table?

How using AI can improve pricing and grow profits AI can help you work faster, hit the perfect price more often, and improve your win rates. Use it every time you price. Stop leaving money on the table. As a manufacturer, you are familiar with investing in machinery to make more profit. Equipment improves and […]

125KTB  – what is it really?


125KTB goes hand in hand with FEFCO 0201. A “standard” box made out of “standard” board. FEFCO has done a pretty good job of standardising box styles. Some would argue that styles are limited and human designers can do better. But the benefits of reducing reinvention and raising consistency can’t be ignored. These codified styles […]

Price and strength go hand in hand.

THERE is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper… John Ruskin It’s a common situation during sales; the customer says: “I need a better price to move”. The seller may be clear on the price to beat but not the product supplied. That is […]

What do customers want from a packaging audit?

Packaging audits have become popular with sellers of corrugated and associated packaging products. An added value (no charge) service to help customers reduce packaging costs. Also, a valuable sales tool to uncover information and move away from the unit price. What should the review include? Widening the scope promises the opportunity to show savings. Yet simultaneously […]

Is corrugated maximising its environmental credentials vs plastic?


Does ‘circular by nature’ say it all? It is clever, simple and compelling. But is it too narrow? The environmental mantra is to “reduce, reuse, recycle, and renew”. Corrugated has all these bases covered. That is a rare advantage in today’s world. Folks understand corrugated boards contain re-use: recycled fibres make medium and most liners. […]

What Spec Case Do I Need: A Better Way to Respond

Confused Customer

“Can you tell me what spec box I need?” – is a fair question from a packaging buyer to a sales representative. “Hmm, err” – a common but poor response. Providing an answer is hard for salespeople. The easy way out is by offering heavier-weight packaging. This is a bad solution – more material, energy, […]

Who sets your prices?

Keep sales and estimating separate

Pricing is important. It affects whether you win the sale and the profit you make. The right process can cut staff costs, raise selling prices and help win more business. Read on to find out how. No avoiding the human touch There are many theories about how to price. Market comparison, the value created, demand, […]

Three wins in one for your bespoke corrugated offer

Bespoke corrugated products are unique. Unlike stock items, every quote needs costing. And with inflation, so do repeat orders too.   Some businesses allow their sales team access to the MRP to do the costing. But should it be faster or easier to use?   For others, this is not an option. Sales may be […]

Buyer enablement: Price is the missing piece


Selling custom products has its challenges –think of limitless variations. But in common with other sales situations uncovering precise requirements is critical for finding optimal solutions. Of course, people too are a factor. The expert buyer’s focus contrasts with the novice’s exploration—speed for the former, the latter seeking knowledge to build buyer confidence. Selling situations […]

Grow your sales: four advantages of instant pricing

We all want to make lots of great sales. We work hard to generate customer enquiries, but we don’t close every deal. Maybe someone got in first or perhaps made a better pitch. Could we do better? Of course, for some ideas, read on… We will never win 100% of the time. But we can […]