Buyer enablement: Price is the missing piece


Selling custom products has its challenges –think of limitless variations. But in common with other sales situations uncovering precise requirements is critical for finding optimal solutions. Of course, people too are a factor. The expert buyer’s focus contrasts with the novice’s exploration—speed for the former, the latter seeking knowledge to build buyer confidence.

Selling situations can vary greatly. Still, responding to enquiries with relevant information moves prospects forward. The return on investment is better leads, more productivity and higher sales.

And with over 90 per cent of purchases starting online, digital enablement of buyers is critical.

There are five questions for a buyer to answer before making a purchase:

  1. What’s the problem, and should we spend money to fix it?
  2. What are our options?
  3. Exactly what do we need?
  4. Who can provide and which supplier to choose?
  5. Does everything check out, and will others agree?


And then, there is the uncomfortable truth that packaging is ancillary to the product. Perhaps an afterthought or overhead is there to solve a problem – getting the product from manufacture to consumption. To keep items together, project a brand, extend the shelf life or protect the product from others or vice versa.

The seller’s priorities inform the selection, and information must be covered. So, buyer enablement must cover the options: size, style, material, and finish. Describing features can move the buyer closer to order. The use case and budget will filter the choices. As will the cost-benefit of advanced features.

One key question dominates considerations: what is the price?

It is not in the buyer’s gift to move forward without the price. They cannot do their work. How do products compare? How do suppliers compare? Can we afford this solution, and is it worth it?

We circle back to limitless variations, where factors alter the production method. Doing so can substantially change the price, making it even more important to make a correct choice.

Can a buyer be enabled if the price is indicative? The position is left vacant with a hopeful ‘Contact us’.

In a world of expected buyer enablement, be wary of offering no solution. For many selling custom corrugated products, price is the missing piece.

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