125KTB  – what is it really?


125KTB goes hand in hand with FEFCO 0201. A “standard” box made out of “standard” board. FEFCO has done a pretty good job of standardising box styles. Some would argue that styles are limited and human designers can do better. But the benefits of reducing reinvention and raising consistency can’t be ignored. These codified styles […]

Is corrugated maximising its environmental credentials vs plastic?


Does ‘circular by nature’ say it all? It is clever, simple and compelling. But is it too narrow? The environmental mantra is to “reduce, reuse, recycle, and renew”. Corrugated has all these bases covered. That is a rare advantage in today’s world. Folks understand corrugated boards contain re-use: recycled fibres make medium and most liners. […]

What Spec Case Do I Need: A Better Way to Respond

Confused Customer

“Can you tell me what spec box I need?” – is a fair question from a packaging buyer to a sales representative. “Hmm, err” – a common but poor response. Providing an answer is hard for salespeople. The easy way out is by offering heavier-weight packaging. This is a bad solution – more material, energy, […]